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Photo Gallery

Famous Psychics & Paranormal Investigators Famous Psychics & Paranormal Investigators Lorraine Warren & I Oct 2011 C.T. Lorraine Warren is a psychic medium & Demonologist. The movie " The Conjuring" was based on her husband Ed Warren & Lorraine Warrens life events. 188802496 Julie Rose & Nick Groff "Drinks on me'' Feb. 6th 2014 at the Hard Rock Caf� Boston MA Paranormal investigator Nick Groff from the TV show "Ghost Adventures" on the travel channel 189439297 Kadrolsha Ona and Julie Rose At the Haunt Faire in Long Island New York August 2015 199882851 Nick Groff & Julie Rose Feb. 6th 2014 at the Hard Rock Caf� in Boston MA "Drinks on me" tour . With Nick Groff from the travel channel TV show "Ghost Adventures" 189439296 Ryan Buell & Julie Rose Salem MA Aug. 2011 Ryan Buell is from A&E's TV Show Paranormal State 188802508 The queen of the paranormal & Julie Rose The Amazing Kadrolsha Ona and I at the amazing Houghton Mansion Feb. 2014 190824748 Julie Rose with the real Anna Bell Doll The Anna Bell doll is a doll that is possessed by a demonic entity. There are a few documentaries on it. This photo was taken at the Warrens occult museum in Monroe Connecticut Oct. 2011 188802502 Chip Coffey & Julie Rose Chip Coffey is a Psychic/Medium founder of the TV show "Paranormal Kids" has also been on many episodes of A&E's "Paranormal State" This was Chip Coffey's "Coffey Talk" tour. At the Omni hotel Oct. 2013 188802499 Michelle Belanger & Julie Rose Psychic medium Michelle Belanger has been seen on many episodes of A&E's TV show "Paranormal State" . This photo was taken in Salem MA on a PRS field trip. Aug. 2011 188802514 Chad Clark, Mary Beth & Julie Rose At the Omni Hotel 188802497 Lorraine Warren At Lorraine Warren's home in Monroe Connecticut . I was listing to her tell stories of her life on her back porch. It was one amazing time! Oct. 2011 188802501 188802493 Ryan Buell & Julie Rose In Boston MA Omni hotel Sept. 2011 188802517 Chad Clark & Julie Rose At the Omni hotel 188802498 188802492 Paranormal State Field trip In Salem MA Aug. 2011 188802509 188802495 188802513 188802494 188802511 At the Warrenology Museum with the real " Annabell " demonic doll 188802503 Lorraine Warren & Julie Rose In Monroe Connecticut Oct. 2011 188802507 188802504 Ryan Buell, Chad Clark & Julie Rose 188802520 188802506 188802510 188802505 188802512 Ryan Buell and I ( Aug. 2011 ) 188802518 188802521 Paranormal State field trip 2011 188802516 188802522 188802515 188802519 Ryan Buell Lecture in Lowell A very good night listing to Ryan Buell from A&E's TV show "Paranormal State" Sept. 2010 188802524 188802523